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Why am I running for IEEE President?

IEEE is facing tremendous challenges.

Over the last few years, IEEE top leadership lost its focus on membership, emphasizing corporate mandates instead of member value, while accumulating multi-million dollar operating deficits. The IEEE Board holds long closed sessions, Board Directors are instructed to keep these in utmost secrecy. ​

As President, I will strive for an open organization addressing two persistent IEEE challenges:

  • dramatically increase IEEE membership through enhanced member value


Our membership is aging and many young professionals do not find value in membership (that can run up to US $199), yet, they seek networking opportunities more than ever. As President, with volunteers and staff from Regions, Societies, and Councils, I will leverage technology to attract new members in large numbers, develop new membership models, new products and services that provide value to our members in different regions, different age groups, and different industry segments.

  • address the many multi-million dollar deficit of IEEE’s operational budget


With volunteers and staff, I will develop a transparent financial system that explains where each dollar is spent, roots out waste, promotes efficiency, and reduces costs without affecting the quality of products and services to you, our members. With your vote, we will bring the best of the IEEE to the next level!   

I want to reaffirm IEEE as a member based organization, built by and for volunteers.


With others, in the past, we championed transparency at all IEEE levels, namely, financial transparency, governance transparency, and member relevancy. This stands in stark contrast with the top-down corporate perspective adopted by the IEEE top leadership in the last few years.


I am running for president-elect to refocus IEEE as a member- and volunteer-led organization. My petition was successful because of the tremendous support I received from IEEE members worldwide, who believe in and share similar values. Now, I need your support to win the election.


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