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I am a Petition Candidate in the 2017 IEEE President Election.

Voting will open in August. I have two major goals if I am elected IEEE President: Grow IEEE membership and manage IEEE finances professionally to root out waste and to focus resources on providing the best services and products to the membership and technical communities. Why should we be concerned with reversing the trend of decreasing membership of the last few years? We need to think strategically and ask the hard questions. What would it take to double or triple our current membership, or reach the 1Million mark? IEEE needs to understand what is the value proposition for each of the many different communities we aspire to serve: young professionals and seasoned researchers; different regions of the world and different countries within a region; academics versus industry backbench engineers; entrepreneurs. What should we offer to attract and serve these different segments. We should leverage the best technologies to reach out and provide means for networking and mentoring, provide educational and training materials, explore the future technologies.

On the financial management, IEEE operations are running a persistent deficit, but it is hard to pinpoint what should be done to curtail this deficit because there is yet no financial transparency. Why is it that, for one of our major sources of income, for every dollar that goes back to the resource generator (volunteers), we pay two extra dollars in indirect and direct corporate expenses. This may be the right split, but we can not afford the lack of clarity. To learn more about my candidacy, please visit

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